WIP Wednesday + Hair Brush Nostepinne

photo 3 (16)I am finally onto the third striped section of my Color Affection shawl, and oh, look at the pretty colors!

Without a ball winder and swift, I was getting rather bored of draping my yarn over a chair, my knees, my boyfriend, and then winding endless yards around my thumb as I usually do. Instead, winding the third color skein into a center pull ball today, I improvised a nostepinne out of my hair brush.photo 1 (1) (1)My brushtepinne gets bonus points for smelling like coconut too.photo 2 (1) (1)Of course, now I see that I am not the only one turning an object lying around the house into an object with yarn wrapped around it. You can also make a center pull ball using a knitting needle or a thread spool.

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